H1-B Visa Renewals Made Easy: Indians Can Renew Their US Work Visa Without Travelling Back Home

The H1-B visa is a non-immigrant work visa that allows foreign workers to temporarily work in the United States. It is a popular visa category among skilled professionals, including many Indians who contribute to the US economy in various fields such as technology, healthcare, finance, and engineering.

1. The most recent regulations will let Indians on H1-B visas to choose an extension 
    while remaining in the US.

2. In the past, getting one's passports stamped for re-entry required travel to India.

3. Indian nationals accounted for 73% of the approximately 442,000 H-1B workers in 
    the fiscal year 2022.
“It has been decided that now, renewal of H1B Visa will not require one to move out of America. A pilot project in this regard will be started soon. This will help thousands of IT sector employees here,” said PM Modi while addressing the Indian diaspora at Ronald Reagan Center in Washington.

Understanding H1-B Visas

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H1-B visas are temporary work visas granted to skilled foreign professionals who want to work in the United States. These visas are sponsored by U.S. employers and are designed for individuals with specialized knowledge or a bachelor’s degree in fields like science, engineering, or IT. The visas are usually valid for 3 years but can be extended up to 6 years.

However, there are limits on the number of visas issued each year. The H1-B program has been a topic of discussion regarding its impact on the job market and has undergone reforms to address concerns about the displacement of American workers.

Changes in H1-B Visa Renewal Process

In a recent update, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that Indian H1-B visa holders no longer need to travel back to their home country for visa renewal. This change applies to Indian nationals whose visa has expired or is about to expire.

The revised process allows Indian applicants to complete the renewal procedure within the United States, eliminating the need for international travel and associated challenges.

How this move benefits Indians

Indians residing and working in the United States will greatly benefit from this change. Previously, individuals with an H-1B visa from India had to return to India to renew their visa once it expired. During the visa renewal process, it was necessary to obtain visa stamps on their passport indicating the new renewal dates. These stamped passports were required for travel outside the United States and re-entry into the country.

To accomplish this, individuals had to schedule an appointment at a US consulate or embassy in India. While the process was usually smooth, a significant backlog occurred during the pandemic. Shwetha Parekh, an H-1B visa holder residing in the US, shared her experience, stating, “The backlog was so severe that when I attempted to schedule an appointment in 2021, the earliest available slot was six months later. I wanted to visit my family in India but couldn’t do so because if I left the US, re-entry would be challenging.”

With the implementation of this new rule, renewing an H-1B visa will become a convenient and cost-effective process.

H-1B visa suspension during the Trump administration

A temporary suspension of H-IB visas was put in place by then-US President Donald Trump in July 2022, essentially blocking hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals from looking for employment opportunities in the US. This policy was part of a larger effort to limit immigration to the nation, which disproportionately affected Indians. This restriction was prolonged till January 2021. The H-1B visa block was lifted by Biden in April 2021, to the advantage of thousands of Indian professionals, particularly those working in the IT industry.

Preparing for H1-B Visa Renewal

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To ensure a smooth H1-B visa renewal process, it is essential to adequately prepare. Here are some crucial steps to follow:

  • Review Your Current Visa Status: Before initiating the renewal process, review your current H1-B visa status. Ensure that you have maintained lawful status throughout your stay in the United States, including compliance with the terms and conditions of your original H1-B visa.
  • Confirm Employer Support: Verify that your current employer is willing to support your H1-B visa renewal. Discuss the renewal process with your employer and ensure they are aware of their responsibilities in providing the necessary documentation and support.

Required Documents for H1-B Visa Renewal

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When preparing for H1-B visa renewal, it is crucial to gather the necessary documents to support your application. The required documents may vary based on individual circumstances, but some common documents include:

  • Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker
  • Form I-797 Approval Notice for your current H1-B visa
  • Copy of the Labor Condition Application (LCA)
  • Employer support letter detailing the continued need for your services
  • Proof of maintaining lawful status, such as recent pay stubs, W-2 forms, and tax returns
  • Updated resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Copies of educational degrees and certifications
  • Valid passport with the H1-B visa stamp
  • I-94 Arrival/Departure Record
  • Any relevant supporting documents specific to your case, such as promotions, awards, or additional qualifications

After gathering all the required documents you should submit and process for H1-B Visa Renewal Application.

The H1-B visa renewal process requires applicants to meet specific eligibility criteria. This article outlines the structured format of these criteria to help individuals understand the requirements for renewing their H1-B visa.

Eligibility Criteria for Visa Renewal

I. Employment with the Same Sponsoring Employer:

  • To be eligible for H1-B visa renewal, the applicant must continue working for the same employer who sponsored their initial H1-B visa.

II. Valid Employment Offer:

  • The employer must still require the services of the foreign worker and provide a valid job offer for the duration of the visa renewal.

III. Maintaining Status:

  • The applicant must have maintained lawful H1-B status throughout their stay in the United States, including adherence to visa regulations and employment terms.

IV. Expiration Date:

  • The visa renewal application should be filed before the expiration date of the current H1-B visa.

V. No Unauthorized Employment:

  • The applicant should not have engaged in unauthorized employment or violated the terms and conditions of their H1-B visa.

VI. No Criminal Violations:

  • The applicant should have a clean criminal record and should not be involved in any activities that could be deemed detrimental to national security or public safety.

VII. Qualification Requirements:

  • The applicant must continue to meet the qualifications for the H1-B visa, such as having a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience in a specialized field.

Benefits of Renewing H1-B Visa in the US

Renewing the H1-B visa in the United States offers several benefits. Firstly, it eliminates the need to travel back to India, saving time and expenses associated with international travel. It allows individuals to continue working without interruption, ensuring stability in their career and personal life. Moreover, renewing the visa in the US demonstrates a commitment to the job and strengthens the professional standing within the company and industry.


Renewing the H1-B visa has become easier for Indians working in the United States, as they can now complete the process without the need to travel back to India. The changes in the visa renewal process have brought relief and convenience to many professionals. By understanding the eligibility criteria, gathering the required documents, and following the proper procedures, individuals can successfully renew their H1-B visas. It is essential to stay updated with the latest immigration policies and consult with professionals when needed.

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