Why The Charm of Bali Is Diminishing: A Look at the Rising Concerns

Bali, also referred to as the “Island of the Gods,” has drawn travelers from all over the world for many years. It is a top vacation destination due to its verdant tropical landscapes, agreeable climate, immaculate white beaches, and dynamic local culture. However, worries about the safety and actions of certain international visitors have surfaced recently, which has damaged Bali’s reputation as a welcome and secure location.

We shall examine the numerous concerns that have raised doubts about Bali’s safety and their effects on the island’s tourism economy in this piece. We will also look into recent occurrences and incidents that have alarmed both locals and visitors.

The Troubling Behavior

Like any other tourist site, Bali has seen its fair share of tourists who occasionally disobey local laws and customs. But the current rush of visitors, especially from Russia, has caused serious concerns among the locals. These are a few of the major concerns:

  • Disrespect for Local Traditions

Some foreign visitors have been shown to refuse to respect regional customs. The traditions that make up rich cultural legacy are fundamental to the island’s identity. When visitors ignore them, the neighborhood becomes tense.

  • Traffic Violations

Some tourists have developed a pattern of breaking driving laws. One example of this is not using a helmet when using a scooter, which is a basic safety precaution. Both locals and tourists are put in danger by such careless behavior.

  • Harassment and Misbehavior

There have been reports of tourists intimidating locals and harassing women for unclear reasons. Such conduct not only disturbs the tranquility but also harms the island’s reputation.

  • Overstaying Visas

Some visitors have chosen to stay forever despite the fact that their visit permits have expired, which is against the law. Legal issues and security concerns have arisen as a result of this.

  • Drug-Related Activities

Drug dealing is becoming a bigger issue for certain tourists, further straining relations between tourists and locals.

The Russian Influx and Its Impact

Due to their behavior, the recent influx of Russian tourists to Bali has attracted particular attention. Despite the fact that not all Russian visitors participate in disruptive behavior, a sizable number have been found guilty of numerous offenses. As a result, there is growing anxiety among residents and the larger tourism sector.

  • Why Russians Choose Bali

One factor contributing to the rise of Russian tourists is their desire to get away from the country’s political and economic unpredictability. Many Russians have fled to Bali in search of safety due to the threat of conscription and their dire domestic condition. Despite being less numerous than before the pandemic, this wave of Russian immigrants is distinct from earlier short-term visitors. Many of them are settling down for the long term and adding to the island’s changing dynamics.

  • Local Sentiments

Locals have reacted angrily to the arrival of these tourists. Although tourists’ indiscretions have traditionally been condoned by the Balinese people, certain recent Russian visitors have raised tensions. It is believed that Russians in particular have committed serious offenses.

“The Australians also cause problems, that’s for sure, but they are just drunk people,” says Deedee Sinaga, who works for a Bali tourism organization. Whatever they do, it’s just naughty behavior fit for a child; it’s mildly annoying, but that’s about it. But the Russians—no, they believe they are the rightful owners.

  • Legal Actions

I Wayan Koster, the governor of Bali, has approached these issues head-on. His appeals to the central government to limit visas-on-arrival for Russians and Ukrainians and to prevent foreigners renting motorcycles demonstrate how serious the situation is. Although there have been conversations about the viability and effectiveness of these efforts, it is still unclear how the central government would react.

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The Impact on Bali

The behavior of some tourists has had significant consequences for tourism industry and its residents:

Damage to Bali’s Reputation

The reputation as a secure and friendly travel destination has been tarnished by the acts of a select few people. Visitors come to Bali in search of a tranquil and culturally enriching vacation, however there is distrust due to episodes of misbehavior.

Economic Consequences

For many Balinese, the tourist sector is a major source of income. However, hoteliers and other businesses have grown concerned due to the recent actions of some tourists, notably Russians involved in theft, drug trafficking, and ATM fraud. Some even hesitate to make reservations for Russian visitors out of concern over unpaid expenses.

Strain on Local Resources

The influx of immigrants has put a strain on infrastructure and resources. Concerns over employment rivalry and resource allocation have arisen as a result of the island’s inability to accommodate a large inflow of long-term residents.

The Response of Balinese Authorities

I Wayan Koster, the governor of Bali, has requested that the federal government take action to ban Russians and Ukrainians from acquiring visas-on-arrival in response to these problems. Additionally, there are plans to prohibit foreigners from renting motorcycles, though it’s unclear how the central government will react to these ideas. These behaviors are a reflection of Bali residents’ mounting annoyance.

Crime and Its Correlation with Tourism

In well-known tourist locations, there is frequently a connection between tourism and crime. It fits into this pattern just as well. There have been prominent occurrences involving criminal conduct in the context of tourism, yet it’s vital to avoid making generalizations.

  • Criminal Activities

It has been reported that certain tourists, particularly Russians, have been involved in theft, drug trafficking, fraud, burglary, and even prostitution. These actions not only put tourists’ safety in peril but also disturb the island’s peace.

  • Deportations and Legal Actions

Balinese immigration authorities have acted in reaction to these events. For instance, on March 10, 2023, three Russian nationals who had traveled to Indonesia on business and tourist visas were deported for prostitution. These steps are being taken to uphold law and order and protect the island’s reputation.

Finding a Balance

Tourism has been a two-edged sword for Bali. While it promotes economic growth and cross-cultural interaction, there are drawbacks as well. A fine line must be drawn between accommodating visitors and protecting regional culture and traditions.

  • A Call for Unity

The people understands how crucial it is to work together to address these issues before they worsen. One suggestion is to immediately deport guests who abuse their stay. However, it’s equally important for visitors to exercise caution and respect the island’s cultural values and customs.

Bali’s Continuing Allure

Despite these issues, Bali continues to be a popular travel destination, drawing more than six million visitors annually. The “Island of the Gods,” as it is often known, continues to be a popular vacation destination for both tourists and remote workers due to its lush tropical ambience, mild climate, magnificent white beaches, and regional cuisine.

Is Bali Safe?

In conclusion, Bali is still a pretty safe location despite recent issues with tourist behavior and crime. Visitors are advised to use caution, respect local traditions, and adhere to safety regulations. With the combined efforts of visitors and locals, it can maintain its attraction as a stunning and culturally diverse destination and prosper as a friendly paradise.


Bali is still a generally secure tourist destination, but recent incidents have prompted concerns about some visitors’ actions and their effects on the island’s reputation and well-being. To maintain the tranquility and cultural diversity that Bali is renowned for, both tourists and locals must cooperate.

While it has long welcomed tourists, it is important for visitors to uphold local customs, laws, and beliefs. They can guarantee a satisfying experience for themselves and aid in preserving Bali’s special charm by doing this.


1. Is Bali still a safe place to visit?

Bali is generally safe for tourists, but recent incidents of misbehavior by some tourists have raised concerns. It is essential to exercise caution and respect local customs and laws when visiting.

2. What actions have Balinese authorities taken to address these issues?

Bali Governor I Wayan Koster has requested measures such as limiting visas-on-arrival for certain nationalities and banning foreigners from renting motorbikes. However, the central government’s response to these proposals is yet to be determined.

3. How has the behavior of some tourists affected Bali’s tourism industry?

The behavior of some tourists, including involvement in criminal activities, has damaged Bali’s reputation and led to economic concerns within the tourism sector.

4. What can tourists do to ensure a positive experience in Bali?

Tourists can contribute to a positive experience in Bali by respecting local traditions, following traffic laws, and behaving respectfully towards locals. It’s essential to be aware of and abide by local customs and regulations.

5. Is it safe to travel at night in Bali?

Bali has a vibrant nightlife scene, and it is generally safe. However, it’s important to be cautious of reckless behavior, particularly by intoxicated tourists on motorbikes. Following basic safety precautions is advisable when exploring Bali at night.

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